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Beyond Skincare: Prepping Your Skin For The Holidays

Beyond Skincare: Prepping Your Skin For The Holidays

Beyond Skincare: Prepping Your Skin For The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching.  And we all want to look our best.  Have you been - cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliating, masking - the whole shebang, but your skin still looks puffy, red, dehydrated, and tired?  It turns out, your skin is influenced by many different factors, including lifestyle choices, which can be to blame for the skin issues that aren't changing. Here are the best non-skincare skin tips to get your skin looking amazing this holiday season.

Limit sugar

One of the toughest things during the holiday season is to avoid sweets.  Sugar causes inflammation of the body, and this includes the skin. Basically, when we eat sugar, our insulin levels spike, leading to inflammation. Too much inflammation causes glycation (the body produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.)  Try to limit sugar as much as possible. 

Feed your skin

  • Foods rich in vitamin A: like salmon, tuna, carrots, & butternut squash
  • Foods rich in zinc: like turkey, almonds, and Brazilian nuts
  • Foods rich in vitamin C: like strawberries, tomato, brussels sprouts, and swiss chard
  • Foods rich in selenium: like tuna, barley, turkey, eggs, and brazil nut
  • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids: like salmon, sardines, yogurt, eggs, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds
  • Supplements: probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C

Limit stress

While it can be hard try to reduce stress as much as possible. It causes a chemical reaction in your body that can cause both skin sensitivity (i.e. breakouts and rashes) and make conditions like rosacea and acne more difficult to treat. 


If you plan on drinking choose your drink wisely.  Different alcohols have different effects on the skin, but as a general rule, the clearer, the better: vodka, gin, and tequila get out of your system quicker.  Stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water with each cocktail and try to keep it to a two-drink minimum. 

Get enough sleep

While we sleep, the body recovers and recharges, and the skin produces new collagen promoting elastin, and blood flow delivering oxygen and nutrients for a more glowing and even complexion.  Sleep also helps combat dark, puffy under-eye circles.  Best to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night.


Exercise lowers stress and promotes healthy blood flow, which helps keep skin vibrant and healthy. It can also help keep skin elastic and firm.  Pick an exercise that you enjoy – if you hate running or spinning, do some yoga or dance or walk the dog.

 Don’t smoke

Smoking robs your skin of vital nutrients, including vitamin C, which is responsible for repairing skin damage.  It also causes narrowing of the blood vessels - which makes it harder for oxygen to flow around the body. This can lead to premature wrinkles and can make it harder for scars and pigmentation to fade. 

Holiday Prep Must Have's...

Circcell Mandarin Cleansing Milk

Circcell Dew pH Perfector

Fruition Brightening & Polishing Mask

iS Clinical Super Serum Advance+iS Clinical Youth Complex


Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask

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