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Don't Pop That Pimple!

Don't Pop That Pimple!

Don't Pop That Pimple!

Where did that pimple come from?

Acne is caused by the acne gene, which you have if you have acne, and it is activated by inflammation, which is caused by stress, low thyroid, and the foods you eat.  Gluten is the #1 food to stop if you have acne.  Particularly if you have significant acne and no one with acne should have cow’s milk or cow’s milk cheese.   Choose sheep and goat cheese instead.  Avoid ALL sugar and carbs (carbs turn into sugar in the body) because they just feed the acne.   For all of you, chocolate lovers choose raw cacao over regular chocolate because it is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E.

Why you should NEVER pick a pimple

Popping a pimple is something you should AVOID.  Picking at a pimple can cause a hair follicle to rupture, forcing the contents of the pimple into deeper tissues. This can lead to skin inflammation, scarring, discoloration, and the formation of new pimples in nearby areas. In some cases, the damage caused to the skin may be permanent.  

So PLEASE at all costs avoid picking! 

Tips for clearer skin-

  • Avoid stress if possible
  • Eat Right- the darker the fruit, the darker the veggie the better
  • Avoid all gluten, dairy, and sugar
  • Exercise- Physical activity (even walking) helps the lymphatic system drain toxins, helps thyroid function, and helps hormones eliminate inflammation.
  • Spot treat acne

Here are some great options for spot treating blemishes - 

 Saian Acne Spot Treatment

Pumpkin Spice Mask

Saian Pumpkin Spice Mask


A & E Corrector

Le Mieux A & E Corrector

Skin Therapy Exfoliating Repair

Skin Therapy Vitamin A Plus

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Don't Pop That Pimple!