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Going Dermal Deep on Hyperpigmentation

Going Dermal Deep on Hyperpigmentation

Going Dermal Deep on Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, age spots and Melasma are common conditions caused by sun exposure, heavy metals toxicity, accumulation of fungal/Candida overgrowth internally and on the skin surface, eating unhealthy foods- which inflames the gut as well as the entire body, not exercising, being stagnant, not sweating (lymphatic flow removes toxins and increases organ oxygen supply), low thyroid function, unbalanced hormones (if the body is inflamed especially during pregnancy due to gut inflammation), stress, adrenal glands, not enough sleep or from taking synthetic hormone birth control or for menopause. 

Aging is accelerated by all of the above and by environmental toxins in food, water, the air, especially products with inflammatory ingredients we put on and in the body. These are also contributing causes of undesired pigmentation including Melasma which is the result of the body being inflamed from all the above causes thus inflaming the melanocytes of the skin in some people, also contributed to by genetics in many cases, that all creates chronic inflammation and stagnation of the skin and body functions.

Instead of just treating the symptoms, which at best temporarily improves the visible undesired pigment it is imperative to try and prevent and try to cure the cause, treating  the body “wholistically”- inside and out. The goal is to find the cause and stop or at least slow more undesired pigment recurrences in the future.

Melasma occurs when the chronically inflamed pigment producing cells, melanocytes (deeper in the skin at the junction of the dermis and epidermis in the stem cell layer) produce and contain an excess buildup of melanin, the brown pigment that produces skin color and helps protect from sunlight.  These melanocytes die as a result of the pigment overproduction due to the chronic inflammation.  This all results in darker patches called melasma. When you are in the sun the melasma darkens temporarily but when out of the sun that darkening lightens to how it appeared originally.

Tips to help decrease inflammation in the body:

  • Eat Right For Your Blood type
  • The darker, the greener, the closer to nature foods
  • Exercising (But not over doing it)
  • Take antioxidants
  • Keep hormones balanced
  • When needed - choose the lowest dose birth control
  • Bio identical hormones in a non toxic form
  • Externally choose chirally (chemically) correct skincare products
  • Avoid toxic skincare products

Abnormal pigment is never easily resolved as it is deep in the skin.  There are some options to help clear and remove the inflammation for good.  Treatment options for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma and brown spots:

  • Chirally correct chemical peels
  • FDA approved lasers

My recommendation is not to spend money on marketing claims nor on products which increase inflammation such as hydroquinone, when inflammation is the cause of the problem.  Choose chirally (chemically) correct skincare like Skin Therapy – Megan Murphy Skincare.  With endless skincare brands on the market it can be difficult finding a brand that works.  Skin Therapy is one of the most effective skincare brands I have ever used.  You will visibly see a healthier appearance and a remarkable improvement in your skin.

When deciding between chemical peels and laser treatments it is best to start with a chemical peel series. The high dose retinol & acid peels I use penetrate deeply vs. the other professional peels traditionally used (Blue Peel, Cosmelan, TCA, Jessner, Glycolic) The skin is completely restored, rejuvenated, lifted, tightened, thickened, made to function youthfully, cleared, protected and clarified.  Laser treatments work on collagen production and these chemical peels optimizes youthful collagen production so lasers work best after a chemical peel series.  To find out more about the chemical peel series email me at

Lastly, It is imperative that you wear sun protection everyday because damage occurs!

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