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Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming Tips For Men

Cleanse & Moisturize Daily-

A simple two-step routine nightly can make a huge difference in the appearance of the skin.  Look for a sulfate free cleanser and a simple, fragrance-free, lightweight moisturizer that won't feel heavy like hyaluronic acid.  I recommend Skin Therapy Cleanser.  

Exfoliate Weekly-

Male skin is thicker than female skin, so exfoliating weekly will lead to the removal of dead skin cells, which will lead to less ingrown hairs and a better shave.  Revealing smoother, healthier skin.  *TIP - hyaluronic acid is not only a lightweight moisturizer but it works well as an aftershave and helps with ingrown hairs.  I recommend Skin Therapy Wrinkle Filler or iS Clinical Hydra-Cool

Use An Eye Cream-

Dark circles, discoloration and puffiness can lead to a tired or sick look. The cause can be anything from genetics to sleepless nights, too much screen time, salt or alcohol.  To help combat this, use a ring finger to tap a pea size amount of eye cream under the eyes nightly for best results.  I recommend iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex.

Treat SPF As Essential-

SPF should be worn daily, even in the winter. SPF protects skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and accelerated aging. Avoid moisturizers that contain SPF. They do not provide enough coverage. And do not forget to apply SPF to the neck area.  I recommend iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+.

Moisturize All Over-

Whether it is summer or winter, skin can become dry and itchy, causing irritation. So right after a shower, before drying off,  apply a body moisturizer. 

Lip Area-

Treat them with hydrating balms to help prevent lips from painful cracking and peeling. Avoid lip products with petroleum or wax.  Choose a lip balm with natural ingredients like Megan Murphy Lip Balm

Take Charge of Facial Hair-

After 50, nose and earlobe hair continues to grow, which can mean excess hair sprouting from brows, ears and nostrils.  Keep an eye out for unruly hairs by using a nose and ear trimmer. 

Groom Hands and Feet-

Hands and feet are often forgotten. Besides trimming the nails, keeping the hands and feet soft and moisturized is an important step.  Cleaning out under the nails and making sure feet are properly cared for should stay high on your to-do list.
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Grooming Tips For Men