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Trend Alert: Moisture Sandwiching

Trend Alert: Moisture Sandwiching

What is moisture sandwiching?

It is about layering products in the right order to damp skin! Damp skin is more receptive and will help you get the most out of your skin care routine.  This technique focuses on trapping water in the skin which will increase absorption of skincare leaving the skin feeling supple and hydrated. This technique benefits all skin types, especially those with dry skin.  Starting with your lightest products first and ‘trapping’ them under a heavier product, this will allow for the water to remain trapped for longer and your skin to experience prolonged hydration.

What are the benefits of moisture sandwiching?

The benefits of moisture sandwiching stem from allowing effective and hydrating products to be deeply absorbed in the skin and promoting extended hydration to the epidermis. When skin is damp from cleansing or exfoliating and is followed by the application of actives and hydrating products, this process seals in the moisture and helps sandwich the benefits of each formulation.  Moisture sandwiching works best starting with a water-based product like hyaluronic acid or a water-based serum.  When there is moisture to cling to, slightly damp skin is prime for applying.  If you prefer to dry your face after cleansing, an alternative to achieve similar results is to spritz your face with a plain water, a hydrating toner, or floral water and continue the moisture sandwiching process.

Moisture sandwiching Steps:

  1. Start by dampening your skin with plain water, a hydrating toner, or floral water.

  2. Apply a water-based serum, or hyaluronic acid with a feathery light consistency.

  3. Spritz your face again with plain water, a hydrating toner, or floral water.

  4. Apply a moisturizer and massage in an upward, and outward motion.

  5. Spritz your face again with plain water, a hydrating toner, or floral water.

  6. Apply a facial oil or oil-based serum. 

  7. If you are leaving the house do not forget the sunblock!

The disclaimer:

When proceeding with the “Moisture Sandwich” technique, do not use retinol, exfoliating acids or other ingredients that could irritate your skin.

If you suffer from other skin conditions, like rosacea, you better consult your dermatologist before proceeding with the technique.

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