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Amethyst Eye Mask

Amethyst Eye Mask


Infrared, Oxygenating, Detoxifying Eye Treatment

When the delicate eye area is in need of a wake-up call, this mask rises to the challenge.  In just 15 minutes, signs of fatigue, damage and stress are diminished.

The amethyst stone naturally carries a negative charge and emits energy in the far-infrared spectrum providing detoxifying benefits and promoting elastin and collagen production. In spiritual circles, this stone is known to emit high vibrations,  supporting the third eye chakra leading to stilling one’s thoughts, combating negative energy, and creating a protective shield of light around the body.

May be used alone or on top of eye serums or sheet masks.

  • Boost skin radiance
  • Detoxify
  • Support circulation
  • Calm/soothe/combat inflammation
  • Support overall wellness, balance and general well being
  • Combat negative emotions and thoughts

100% Pure Amethyst Stone