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Amethyst Roller

Amethyst Roller


The luxury of fresh, plump, younger-looking skin.  Rolling provides many benefits to the skin supporting collagen and elastin production, promoting lymphatic drainage, infusing ingredients into the skin for better product efficacy and massaging facial muscles for lifting and toning.  The negatively charged amethyst stone naturally detoxifies by drawing out positively charged toxins.  Requiring no electricity or accessories, the roller is easy to travel with and can be used any time of day or night.


  • Promotes circulation
  • Ingredient infusion
  • Detoxifies
  • Provides an overall calming effect
  • Lifts & tones

Key Ingredients

  • Natural Amethyst Stone

How to use the Amethyst Roller-

This step is optional, but the results are enhanced when a serum or oil is applied beforehand. Circcell’s ABO +|- face and eye serum use medical-grade gas carriers for superior circulatory support. The additional microcirculation benefits that come from rolling takes the overall effectiveness of these products to another level.

Roll the larger end on face and neck back and forth across the contours of the face to drain fluids and dispel lingering toxins from the skin. Roll the smaller end around the eye area.  Circcell offers a potent collagen-building eye mask to infuse billions of collagen and peptide molecules to supercharge the under eyes with youthfulness and firmness.

Wipe the roller after use with a soft cloth to remove excess oils left on the tool.