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Cryo-Therapy Sticks
Cryo-Therapy Sticks
Cryo-Therapy Sticks

Cryo-Therapy Sticks


To decrease skin inflammation and irritation use the refrigerant action of Cryo-Sticks.  The application will reduce the skin temperature and limit vasodilation:  The redness will disappear.  Kept in the fridge or over ice the Cryo-Sticks will stock a maximum of thermical energy, which will ensure a spread of cold on the skin during the treatment.  Moreover, its ergonomic shape has been perfectly adapted for an efficient action on each area of the face.  Megan recommends suing Cryo-Sticks on top of a sheet mask or with emu oil!  


  • Soothes, de puffs, tightens and firms skin
  • Boosts Circulation 
  • Aids in Allergy relief
  • Calms inflammation

Ingredients: Stainless Steel

How To Use:

  • Use on a cleansed face for an icy cleanse, or chill down your sheet mask too de-puff and brighten, the choice is yours...

  • 1. Start at center of forehead and roll both wands out towards the temples.

  • 2. Contour brows by gliding the rounded side over arches and out towards the temples, gently lifting.

  • 3. Depuff eyes by gliding the tips of the wands from the inside of eyes out towards the temples over eye lids.

  • 4. Sculpt cheeks by gliding the wands from the corners of the nose out and up towards the ears, gently lifting.

  • 5. Ease jaw tension by smoothing the tools from the corners of the mouth out and up towards the ears.

  • 6. For lymphatic drainage, hold wands under the center of the chin and glide along the jawline up towards the ears. Then, glide the tools down each side of the neck and finish either side of clavicle bone.

  • 7. Repeat each motion at least 10 times.

— MEGAN'S PRO TIPS:“I recommend rolling the tools 10-20 times in the same area of your face, especially if you’re feeling puffy or tired. ”

"I also like to use these Cryo-Sticks on my temples when I have a migraine."